a touch of chemistry

Today - out of unlimited thirst for knowledge - I decided to engage in some complicated chemical experiments in our home:
dinner for my children in absence of their daddy.

I clearly remember my previous attempt from 3 years ago, when the alien, I eventually created, first was meant to be my lunch, but halfway through it apparently changed its mind. And though the kitchen did not explode after all, that experience I would still call only 'moderately encouraging'.
Meaning that now that I am planning to give another try, I either have the gift of never giving up, or simply poor memory.

Unlike me, my husband is a great cook, consequently only high-quality ingredients can be found in our fridge - and the ham, cheese, vegetable all look terrified whenever I appear in the fridge door. Once they must die, they want to face Fate in a glorious way, by the knife of a 1st class chef, and not a...

But the ham, cheese and vegetable are all unfair!

Each and every occasion I do my best, true, my creations so far were only of modest success, including, but not limited to the following:

- as own invention, once I carefully mixed some, anyway nice, ingredients, which finally turned out to be a revolutionary new type of doggy food. It proved to be rather time consuming, but at least strikingly expensive

- using recipes does not make any good, either. One of the reasons is that they are full of technical terms*
* Note: for the author 'stir' and 'salt' are also considered technical terms

- cheap advertisements of cookery books of dishes 'you cannot go wrong with' have apparently left my creativity out of consideration.
One of my friends (needless to say that all my friends are great cooks - hey, I have nothing against eating), so a friend of mine, out of past experience, recently has introduced a new recipe in our friend circle not with the famous 'you cannot go wrong with it', but the more objective and far more measurable 'even Piros could make it'

- though I did produce some soups in my life that were eventually fit for human consumption, the major ingredient has always been a pair of sharp scissors needed for cutting the top right corner off of Soup Mix Magic.

And now, here I am again, more persistent than ever.

Should I not give signs of life for a couple of days, I most likely died a heroic death in the kitchen.
Probably just did not find the place.

2 megjegyzés:

Gábor Déri írta...

You should try cooking some pasta! If you make pasta with cottage cheese and some stew you cannot go wrong. Or just some pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. Or you can even try some simple things from here. I guess you still speak this interesting language, called Hungarian :-) : http://www.nosalty.hu/receptek/nehezseg

Matusek Piros írta...

'Pasta cannot go wrong?'
Where have I heard it before..

Gabor, you either - after all this - out of some mysterious reason still trust my cooking skills.. or simply didn't pay much attention on the blabla that has been written above you.